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File Maker Pro

FileMaker is probably the best known database application for the Mac. It has a feature set comparable to Microsoft Access, but with a strong focus on forms (layouts) as the primary way of accessing databases. Similar to Access, FileMaker stores your database logic and all the data in a single file. It also has some support for scripting, and offers options for publishing databases on the web.

Microsoft Access. Features and functions This is a wonderful and possibly the most popularfree database software for Windows. It is a desktop database application which is a default program for most PC users. It is easy to use, easy to learn and has a familiar interface. Pros of Microsoft Access. Microsoft Office Access Alternatives for Mac. Microsoft Office Access is not available for Mac but there are plenty of alternatives that runs on macOS with similar functionality. The most popular Mac alternative is LibreOffice — Base, which is both free and Open Source. If that doesn’t suit you, our users have ranked more than 50 alternatives.

However, it’s also necessary to note that FileMaker is very different from Access. There is a strict distinction between application logic and the underlying tables in Access. In FileMaker, logic and data are more closely linked. The underlying tables are more or less hidden from the user, and not as easily accessible via SQL as in Access.


Bento was the entry level database application from the makers of Filemaker. Unfortunately it has been discontinued in July 2013 and is no longer available for purchase.

Open Office / Libre Office

Open Office and Libre office include a database application that tries to mimic Microsoft Access. It is difficult to use and misses many important features, such as simple import/export tools.

Download Microsoft Access Free Mac

SQLite (using Base)

SQLite is not a full database application like Access. There are no forms or reports in SQLite, there’s only your data and a simple, fast SQL engine. SQLite is used by many applications under the hood as an internal format and therefore most interesting to application developers.

A command line utility for SQLite 3 is included with every Mac, aptly named sqlite3. Most people will however prefer working with a graphical application like the excellent Base from Menial (available on the Mac App Store). Base offers a simple interface for viewing tables (with support for images) and creating custom SQL queries.

Microsoft Access Database For Mac Free Download Version

Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel

Numbers and Excel are spreadsheet applications and thus not a replacement for Microsoft Access. However, they have good support for working with tables. If your database consists of only few tables and no forms, these apps might just do the trick. You can at least sort and filter your tables.

Converting Access Databases to Apple Numbers with MDB Viewer
Converting Access Databases to Microsoft Excel with MDB Viewer

Microsoft Access in Parallels / VMWare

Microsoft Access Database For Mac Free Download Windows 7

If none of the above are suitable, you can always ressort to actually running Microsoft Access on your Mac using virtualisation software like Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion.

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Microsoft Access is a database creation and management software abbreviated as DBMS and can combine the Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a user-friendly graphical interface and has other typical database management tools. The software can be bought with Office 365 or the Microsoft Office Suite, it is included in all the editions of the Office and can also be purchased separately. As Microsoft Access is capable of creating a database, it should also be capable of protecting that database, and therefore the latest update comes with improved protection measures. The software also comes with a trial period of 30 days when downloaded and used for the first time.

The Microsoft Access stores data in .accdb format which is supported by the Jet Database Engine. The software is also capable of linking the database with other databases and applications. As the primary function of the software is database management, it is used mostly by software developers, power users and data architect for the development of applications. Access databases are also supported by other Microsoft applications like the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), and it is legacy component like the Data Access Objects (DAO), ActiveX objects, and many other elements that belong to ActiveX. Visual Objects can be used in reports and forms which expose their properties and methods in the VBA IDE and VBA coding modules, which in turn may call and declare other Windows OS operations. Ctrl alt delete function.


  1. Access comes with database templates so that you don’t have to spend time to create a database from scratch. The software has several functions which allow you to create a custom app, and you can also get inspired by the newer and more professionally designed apps templates that are coming up. The software lets you create your templates and reuse it or share it with friends.
  2. Combining Microsoft Access and VBA allows you o create forms and reports which can be used to store and automate the business application process. It makes a different standard for your forms and reports.
  3. Access can not just create databases but is capable of making an application for your business processes. With Access, you’re free to store data wherever you prefer to be it a hard drive or cloud so that you can easily share your data with your colleagues.
  4. Combining Microsoft Access and Azure allows you to store data in SQL Servers and Azure SQL using your database. Azure provides you with robust security, reliability, long-term manageability, and scalability. Access applications can leverage true mission-critical and SQL syntax back end from whether they are deployed on-premises or on the cloud.

How to download Microsoft Access for PC?

  • 1. To download Microsoft Access, click on the download button given on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • 2. Your setup starts downloading. When the Microsoft Access setup is downloaded, double click on it to start the installations process.
  • 3. When the setup asks you for End User’s Agreement, click on I Agree to continue with the installation process. Specify the path you want your files to take or click on Continue to choose the default path.
  • 4. When the installation is complete, the software would ask you for a product key or login (if you have an Office 365 subscription). If you don’t have either you can use the software for a trial period of 30 days.
  • 5. Now your Access is ready to create and manage databases.

My xbox live android. Pros

  • Allows you to create Access applications form the templates
  • Access allows accessing other apps with SharePoint function
  • Share data with SkyDrive
  • Can import and open databases of Access 2010 and Excel files


  • Less focus on typical databases
  • Removes some Upsizing Wizard and Query designs

App Name: Microsoft Access

License: Open Source

OS: Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64

Latest Version: V2016

Microsoft Access Database For Mac Free Download Softonic

Latest Update: 2020–12–19

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

User Rating: 4.19

Category: Developer Tools

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